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Sergey Krayev was Global Interactive Manager of Kimberly-Clark from Jun 2008–Aug 2011. His responsibilities were for the developed and implemented Global B2B interactive marketing strategy for various product platforms. Sergey Krayev managed the development of the new corporate Kimberly-Clark HealthCare website, including vendor evaluation and selection, appropriate CMS and LMS platform selection, and establishing content localization and social media engagement strategies.

Sergey Krayev implemented strong online communication tactics by utilizing effective email practices (lead generation and communication tactics) and established effective web analytics (WebTrends, Google Analytics), reporting structure across multiple business groups to better assess ROI for ongoing marketing programs.

Sergey Krayev managed paid search, SEO/SEM strategy to increase user traffic to Kimberly-Clark Web properties, developed a process for improving online user experience by working closely with customers and product management teams and incorporated social media communication tactics to stimulate awareness of ongoing marketing initiatives to improve Kimberly-Clark brand positioning.

Halyard, formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care, now part of Owens & Minor, is focused on advancing health and healthcare by delivering clinically-superior infection prevention and surgical solutions.

“Upon launching, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare needed to increase the attention, traffic, and profile. We retained Chris Abraham and his team at Gerris Corp initially to drive traffic to the site using combined social media and blogger outreach. This resulted in over 100% increase to the number of site visits compared to the time frame prior to the campaign, as well as a number of secondary benefits such as brand recognition and a first page, number 6, placement when searching for “healthcare-associated infection” on Google. The blogger outreach team did a phenomenal job at finding all the relevant blogs and influencers germane to the issue of HAIs, immunodeficiency, and infection as well as reaching out, engaging them, and earning their posts, tweets, and likes about the issue of HAI and the associated HAI Watch website. They accomplished this successfully in English, Spanish, and Portuguese in countries including Argentina and Brazil. While we were able to prepare the ideal site to be used as a resource for the US and Latin American market, it was Chris that was best able to attract the most influential bloggers by being sensitive and responsive to cultural differences while applying US-proven methods of reaching out to bloggers.”

— Sergey Krayev, Global Marketing & Communications, Kimberly-Clark Health Care

Achieved over 260 earned media mentions and increased traffic to client’s site by 150%.

Challenge: To elevate brand awareness that Kimberly-Clark Health Care has joined the fight against healthcare-associated infection. In particular, to increase visits to the “Not on My Watch” website.

The “Not on My Watch” website was not receiving as much attention as the client hoped. The client wanted to increase visits to the site, as well as more generally raise awareness of their role in helping healthcare professionals and patients prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infection.

Strategy: Leverage the influence of bloggers to broadly increase awareness of the “Not on My Watch” site through earned media.

Sergey Krayev began a five-month blogger outreach campaign on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Health Care. Over 5,000 healthcare and related-issues bloggers were contacted and asked for their help to spread the word about the “Not on My Watch” site and the valuable resources it offered both patients and healthcare professionals.

Tactics: Broad but personalized approach to bloggers, with the offer of easy-access resources for their blog posts in a Social Media News Release.

Sergey Krayev identified blogger communities, assessed their interests, crafted appropriate message models, and developed a social media news release. The bloggers were approached in groups spread across five months, with personal and immediate responses sent to every reply received about our initial message. Continual follow-up and timely and friendly responsiveness to requests for additional information ensured that coverage was achieved across a wide swath of the healthcare-related blogosphere.

Results: Garnered over 260 earned media mentions directly connected with blogger outreach campaign.

To date, “Not on My Watch” has earned 261 earned media mentions as a direct result of our outreaches, resulting in an estimated 8 million impressions. Traffic to the “Not on My Watch” site increased dramatically, more than doubling from the number of visits received in the comparable timeframe before our campaign.

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