Kimberly-Clark Healthcare

Sergey Krayev was Global Interactive Manager of Kimberly-Clark from Jun 2008–Aug 2011. His responsibilities were for the developed and implemented Global B2B interactive marketing strategy for various product platforms. Sergey Krayev managed the development of the new corporate Kimberly-Clark HealthCare website, including vendor evaluation and selection, appropriate CMS and LMS platform selection, and establishing content localization and social media engagement strategies.

Sergey Krayev implemented strong online communication tactics by utilizing effective email practices (lead generation and communication tactics) and established effective web analytics (WebTrends, Google Analytics), reporting structure across multiple business groups to better assess ROI for ongoing marketing programs.

Sergey Krayev managed paid search, SEO/SEM strategy to increase user traffic to Kimberly-Clark Web properties, developed a process for improving online user experience by working closely with customers and product management teams and incorporated social media communication tactics to stimulate awareness of ongoing marketing initiatives to improve Kimberly-Clark brand positioning.

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